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"Cultured Pearl Sterling Silver Bracelet, Stretch, 8mm Tan Pearl"

"Cultured Pearl Sterling Silver Bracelet, Stretch, 8mm Tan Pearl"
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"Cultured Pearl Sterling Silver Bracelet, Stretch, 8mm Tan Pearl Since pearls are organic gems, they are sensitive to chemicals and harsh environmental conditions. Store your fine pearl jewelry in its original packaging, not loose in a jewelry box. This packaging will help protect your pearl jewelry from being scratched by other jewelry in your collection. Avoid storing your pearls in extreme heat or in airtight places like safes that are not regulated to provide humidity. Do not store your pearls in plastic bags for very long periods of time. Pearls benefit from the moisture in the air. If they are deprived of it for too long, they can become fragile or their color may change. Keep your pearl jewelry away from chemicals. Pearls are sensitive to chemicals such as detergents, bleach, and some kinds of soap. It is best not to wear your pearl jewelry when washing dishes, swimming or engaging in similar activities. When applying cosmetics, remember the rule Last on, first off. Put your pearls on last after applying hairspray, perfume and other makeup, and take them off before using makeup remover. To clean pearls, simply wipe them with a soft cloth, which can be either dry or slightly damp. If using a damp cloth, lay the pearls flat to dry. Do not use liquid soap or another chemical product to clean your pearls unless it is specially designed for that purpose, and do not clean your pearls with a toothbrush or other abrasive materials. .925 Sterling Silver."

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