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Types of Bracelets

There are all sorts of ways to wear a splash of color or a twinkling jewel on your wrist. Here is a celebration of the ways:

Chain Bracelet

The chain bracelet hangs delicately from the wrist and is closed with a lobster clasp or spring ring clasp.

Link Bracelet

The link bracelet is a twist on the chain bracelet, but each link is a decoration of its own.

Charm Bracelet

The charm bracelet is a chain bracelet with dangling charms added.

Medical ID Bracelet

The medical ID bracelet is a chain bracelet with medical charms or engraving. Its purpose is to alert first responders that you have a medical condition or are taking certain medicines.

Identification ID Bracelet

The Identification bracelet is a chain bracelet with a plate to engrave your name or a message.

Beaded Bracelet

Beaded bracelets have beads all the way around and usually close with a lobster or spring ring clasp.

Stretch Bracelet

Stretch bracelets usually have beads on elastic with no clasp.

Toggle Clasp Bracelet

Toggle Clasp bracelets can be any type of bracelet, but have a toggle (bar and ring) clasp closure.

Omega Bracelet

Omega bracelets are rather stiff metal scales over metal wire.

Liquid Silver Bracelet

Liquid silver bracelets are composed if liquid silver beads. These are usually multi-strand and close with a cone shaped clasp.

Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are one piece bracelets that do not close. They just go three quarters of the way around the wrist.

Bangle Bracelet

Bangle bracelets go all the way around in a ring with either no opening or with a hinged opening and box and tongue clasp.

Anyway you do it, it is lots of fun!