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Types of Earrings and How We Measure Them

Types of Earrings and How We Measure Them
Post Stud Earrings Post Stud Earrings have a post and friction butterfly backing.  They are usually quite small and measured in millimeters if less than one quarter inch.  If the post stud earring front is larger or heavy, we also ship a clear plastic disk back, so the earring will not droop on the earlobe.
Post Drop Earrings Post Drop Earrings have a post with a ring beneath that connects to the drop.  These also would have a friction butterfly backing.  We measure these top to bottom, including the post.  A drop could be a charm, a pearl, etc., and nothing hangs from the drop.
Post Dangle Earrings Post Dangle Earrings are the same as Post Drops, but there is another drop connected to the bottom of the first drop.  We measure these top to bottom, including the post.
French Wire Earrings French Wire Earrings have the classic “shepherd’s hook” design with a ring at the bottom that connects to a drop.  We measure from the ring to the bottom of the earring, not including the shepherd’s hook part of the earring.
Euro Wire Earrings Eurowire Earrings have a hook soldered to the earring itself, so there is no dangle action on the earring.  We measure these from top to bottom, including the hook, as the earring is all one piece.
Lever Back Earrings Lever Back Earrings have a hinge on the back of the shepherd’s hook to hold the earlobe on the hook.  These also have a ring from which the earring drop or dangle hangs.  These are measured from the ring where they connect to the hook down to the bottom of the earring.  We don’t include the lever back hook in the measurement.
Hoop Earrings Hoop Earrings usually have a width and diameter measurement, like 3x20mm, which would be 3 mm wide, 20 mm across the diameter.  For example, if you lay the ruler across the hoop earring north to south, it will measure 20mm from top to bottom, across the diameter.  Then turn the earring and measure east to west to determine the width.
Endless Hoop Earrings Endless Hoop Earrings are tubes with a post on one of the ends that slides into the other tube end.  This gives the illusion that the earrings do not have a closure.
Hoop Earrings with Click Hoop Earrings with Click have a lever at the top that opens and closes by sliding between two friction posts.
Hinged Huggie Hoop Earrings Hinged Hoop Earrings have a hinge at the bottom and the earring opens in a butterfly wing fashion.  They have a post that slides into the earlobe and then into a catch on the other side of the hoop.
Post Clip Hoop Earrings Post Clip Hoop Earrings have a post on one end of the hoop and a clip, like a clip-on earring has, on the other end.  The clip has a hole through which the post slips.
Clip-On Earrings Clip-On Earrings have a clip that attaches to the ear lobe, rather than a wire or post that goes through the ear lobe.  We measure these from top to bottom.
Ear Cuffs Ear Cuffs are small three quarter circles that slide onto the outer curve of the ear, on the cartilage.  We measure these from top to bottom.

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